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"The ballot is stronger than bullets."

Joseph Schumpeter

Communication, Culture & Technology Program at Georgetown University


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A free media, along with a fair and transparent voting process, are considered essential to creating and maintaining a democratic government. Yet many societies continue to grapple with how to achieve both. In the US, continuing concerns about the impact of media consolidation on the homogenization of information and government control of "sensitive" information, along with conflict of interest questions raised by voting technologies built by companies that openly donate to a particular political party, cause many to question our own adherence to our democratic ideals. This lecture looks at media consolidation, the balancing act between national security and access to information, and voting technologies and the actions of the companies who make them.

Invited Moderator:
John Dunbar, Information Technology Reporter, Associated Press

Invited Panelists:

Jeanne Bourgault, Chief Operating Officer, Internews

Pablo Galarce, Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean, IFES

Lillie Coney, Associate Director, Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and Director, National Committee for Voting Integrity

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