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The proposed topic focuses on how education can assist in bridging the knowledge gap regarding the role that the environment plays in poverty alleviation. As conservation organizations have found, field staff are ill prepared to understand the socio-economic consequences of pure conservation actions and are not trained in community building tools as part of their technical training. On the other hand, many policymakers do not have a technical background and therefore are not able to fully appreciate technical reports or embrace new concepts, such as environmental services. Therefore, what is the role of educational institutions in preparing the environmental/
development leaders of tomorrow? How should existing programs change?


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Invited Moderator: John Wehr, Director, Louis Calder Center, Biological Field Station of Fordham University

Invited Panelists:

Rene van der Poel, Honduras Country Director, SNV

Sonia Smallacombe, Secretariat of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

Jean-Louis Ecochard, Chief Information Officer, The Nature Conservancy

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